"I didn't hand over the keys and the wheel. I found out what drives him. And when you find out what drives your baby, you can't help but find out what drives you too. Motherhood is a two-way mirror. When we have the curiosity to look at our own reflection in our child's eyes

we see more than ourselves. We see the relationship between us and all the ways it reveals our fears, longings and hopes." 


"The Gift of Love" 

I live in San Francisco, but my heart is in Black Rock City.

I own a bar called Peaches and a vintage shop called Day Job.​ I co-founded FashionSwap.com, an online marketplace for vintage clothes exchange. I edit a street fashion blog called Street Walker. I'm a sun & fun loving person who drinks lots of water, but never coffee. I share my home with both a dog and a cat :)

"The Miracle of You"

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