THE GIFT OF BEING A FLAWED PARENT: Using Our Mistakes, Fears and Doubts to Raise Children with Authenticity, Empathy and Resilience

THIS IS YOUR BRAIN ON PARENTING: Why We React, Re-Enact & Get Our Backs Up with Our Kids and How We Can Train Our Brain to Parent in Our “Right Mind”

TRUST YOUR GUT: The Science of Finding and Following Your Parental Intuition

THE HEART OF CONNECTION: Preserving Connection in an Age of Distraction and Disconnection

THE PERILS OF PRAISEWhy Praise Can Backfire and How It Can  Fuel Perfectionistic Anxiety (and Meltdowns) in Our Children

ATTACHED: Why Secure Attachment in Childhood is Connected to Emotional Well-being in Adulthood and How to Create Security If You Never Had It Yourself


RAISING MINDFUL FAMILIES: How Becoming Present and Mindfully Aware Changes Our Way of Reacting and Relating with Our Kids and Cultivates Deeper Connection and Relationship


RIGID RULES OR LOVING LIMITS: The Unexpected Fallout of Reward and Punishment and What Science Reveals About Their Effects in Our Kids and Relationships

MINDFUL MARRIAGE: How Mindful Parenting Strengthens Family and Cultivates Emotional Wellbeing and Resilience in Children 

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