wear your spirit for humanity

When we change the way we see, we change the way we treat each other. How do you feel when you feel good in your skin?

Wear your spirit. For humanity.


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WYSH was founded by Lu Hanessian, grateful mom of two boys (her muses) and giddy bride of one swell guy she’s known for half her life. As a pioneer of innovative programs, workshops and books for parents, she is wholeheartedly inspired by a vision of helping children and families flourish and thrive, not just survive. Of staying connected in a disconnected world, embracing our flaws, reframing our struggles, and enjoying the ride without riding the brakes. Blending science with story, attachment research with anecdote, and multi-media with role-play, Lu has been sharing her insights and messages of empathy, authenticity, trust, connection, empowerment, and authentic power. WYSH is based on 9 pillars for optimal living. Lu leads innovative workshops on emotional wellbeing, mindfulness, self-understanding, conflict resolution, reclaiming emotional health and flourishing, through an unique blend of insight and practice in a vibrant, dynamic, creative and empowering community. 



Lu Hanessian, WYSH Founder

"My wish is that, through WYSH, even one family feels newly inspired…to honor relationships, to connect more deeply, to embrace its flaws and repair its ruptures, build a bridge, forgive, celebrate a child’s authentic spirit, and recognize and nurture our collective potential for growth, community and change."-- Lu Hanessian


enjoy the ride. detours and all.

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